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I'm hot cause I'm fly

You ain't cause you're not

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I know you see me with my body moving out of control. I know you see me, don't you know that I got body control. This beat's electric, shocking me right down to my soul. I know you see me. I got body control. Give me a minute, I'm on a mission so listen. I got the fire, I'm wild, I'm never tired. No I never slow down whether you like it or not. I'm gonna shut down the spot, I'm taking over the top.


aaron, afros, annoying buck, being totally awesome, bertha, bike riding, breaking into your house, buck, chimchar, cynthia, drifblim, elite four, enthusiam, falling off rockets, fire, fire pokemon, fire-types, flareon, hiding stuff in afros, houndoom, i'm flaming now, idk my bff volkner, infernape, jasmine, jewfros, jumping onto rockets, kyle broflovski, leaning like a bro, lopunny, lucian, magmortar, monferno, pokemon, pokemon league, pwning your pokemon, rapidash, rare fire-type shaymins, roark, ronald mcdonald, ronald mcelfman, sinnoh, steelix, sunyshore, talking like a gangster, tower legs, volkner